Original Papers on Calm Technology

The following is a short list of papers that cover aspects of Calm Technology and Ubiquitous Computing.

These papers encapsulate a great deal of thinking about the future of computing. Many are far ahead of their time.


Open House. Mark Weiser. ITP Review 2.0. March 1996.

The Coming Age of Calm Technology. Mark Weiser and John Seely Brown. Xerox PARC, October 5, 1996.


Designing Calm Technology. Mark Weiser and John Seely Brown, 1995.

The Technologist's Responsibilities and Social Change. Mark Weiser. Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine, V2N4. April 1, 1995.


The World is Not a Desktop. Mark Weiser. Interactions. January 1994.


Some Computer Science Problems in Ubiquitous Computing. Mark Weiser. Communications of the ACM, July 1993.


The Computer for the 21st Century, Mark Weiser.


The Portable Common Runtime Approach to Interoperability. Mark Weiser, Alan Demers, and Carl Hauser. ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles, December 1989.


Ubiquitous computing is roughly the opposite of virtual reality. Where virtual reality puts people inside a computer-generated world, ubiquitous computing forces the computer to live out here in the world with people.

-Mark Weiser







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